SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

A professionally optimized website besides quality design, interesting content, well-organized navigation menus should also appear among the first search results on leading search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing. In this case, the website can justify invested funds and short-term increase your company's profits.

Website Optimization for Internet Search Engines

You have a site that meets your criteria and needs, but it does not appear in search results on search engines.

Your business remains unnoticed while your competition earns online, increasing its online presence. If you recognize yourself and want to change it to the right place.

By quality analysis of key words, meta optimization and optimization of content, we guarantee quality SEO optimization of the site, which will very quickly give good results.

Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis involves assessing the quality and representation of key words on your website and analyzing keyword competitor sites.
Key word analysis includes exploring information about the existing situation on the web market, ie how many pages are indexed in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing ...
Keyword analysis gives you information on how much the page is competing for the top positions and what kind of results will be provided by a quality SEO site optimization.

Optimizing meta tags

Optimizing meta tags in the header of the website allows you to better index and display the description of web pages in search results. In brief, the metadata is used to communicate and send information about the site to search engines.

BUTOBU will help you achieve your business goals using the most advanced approach to optimizing the meta tags of your site.

Signing a site to search engines

For the purpose of faster and better indexing of the website, we are reporting the web site to the leading internet search engines so that the pages you create in a short period of time will be well indexed.

Optimizing site content

Website content optimization implies synergy of information about products or services offered by your site with the target group of keywords that would be injected by potential customers of your site.

Under the target group of visitors are considered:

  1. Age group of visitors: teenagers, young, old, etc.
  2. Geographic Location of your target group

After analysis, corrections are made to the textualng content of your web site.

The goal of BUTOBU is not only to place your site among the top 10 places for a specific keyword, but to keep your website there.

This requires continuous monitoring of the optimization of competitive sites, monitoring the popularity of certain key words, tracking statistics of visits, the most dominant keywords, the most visited websites ...