Before you share your opinions, figure out what contributions your company expects you to make.

When it comes to job satisfaction, managers matter a lot. So you're fortunate if your company affords you the opportunity to help select the person who will become your next boss.

Participating in jobs interviews with candidates who could end up supervising your work requires a little strategic thinking, however. Read on to learn the best ways to behave when assessing your next boss.

Figure Out Your Role

Simply being tapped to sit in on an interview doesn't tell you much about what your company hopes you'll contribute to the hiring process. So before the candidates arrive, "it's important for you to ask your skip-level manager what their aim is in involving you," says Kelly Marinelli, principal people strategy consultant at Solve HR, referring to a supervisor who is two or more levels above you in the company's hierarchy. Doing so "shows you have an understanding of the process and that you want to contribute and be involved not just for your own purposes."