This annoying co-worker is generally found in the break room.

Question: I have a co-worker who is constantly smacking the gum she chews. The worst part is that she is the boss’ daughter, so I can’t really complain to anyone (other than my co-workers, which I do – a lot!) How do I handle such an annoying co-worker in such a small office? — Charmaine

Answer: A long time ago, in a workplace far, far away, I worked in an evil kingdom of two-faced liars, jerk bosses and mostly incompetent co-workers.

Other than that, it was a lovely place to work.

One of these geniuses, like, really liked to say the word “like” a lot. And no, he wasn’t 15; try doubling that. It drove us all crazy. That is, until the day that we plotted our revenge — err, solution. We decided that every one of us would also drop the word “like” into our conversations with him, like, well, so many likes.

“Like, wow Gerry, that is like, so rude of our manager to ask you to, like, work late.” “I agree! It is so, like, inconsiderate of him and, like, unnecessary. You should, like, tell him no.”